根据《纽约时报》2018年11月27日报道:中国最大的“裸官”习近平的弟弟习远平,与前妻的儿子习明正,最近刚刚从乔治敦大学外交学院(Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service)毕业。在乔治敦大学念书期间,习明正还在布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)实习。







  • 父亲:习仲勋,陕西富平人,中共八大元老之一,曾任国务院副总理和全国人大常委会副委员长。
  • 母亲:齐心,是习仲勋的第二任妻子。
  • 哥哥:习近平,现任中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席
  • 嫂子:彭丽媛。
  • 大姐:齐桥桥(原名:习桥桥),香港人。
  • 二姐:齐安安(原名:习安安),长居澳大利亚墨尔本,为澳大利亚公民。
  • 二姐夫:吴龙长居澳大利亚墨尔本,为澳大利亚公民,是北京新邮通和深圳大唐移动通信的实际拥有者。
  • 另有一同父异母的哥哥习正宁(1941—1998.11.27)等三人,是习仲勋与前妻所生。
  • 习远平现任妻子是艺人张澜澜。
  • 习远平与前妻育有一子习明正。











Xi Jinping’s nephew Xi Mingzheng graduated from an American university in 2018. Xi Jinping plans to train Xi Mingzheng to become Mao Yuanxin’s second

According to a report by The New York Times on November 27, 2018: Xi Yuanping, the younger brother of China’s largest “naked official” Xi Jinping, and his son from his ex-wife, Xi Mingzheng, recently graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. While studying at Georgetown University, Xi Mingzheng also interned at the Brookings Institution.

See “How China Caught a Fugitive Official: Detaining His American Children”

Xi Yuanping (born November 1956), a native of Fuping County, Shaanxi Province, is the second son of Communist bandits Xi Zhongxun and Qi Xin, and is the younger brother of Xi Jinping, the current General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He once served as the president of the International Association for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection.

In order to cover up Xi Yuanping’s whereabouts and in accordance with the CCP’s obscene behavior as an underground party, the “International Association for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection” has secretly changed its name to the “International Ecological Economic Association.”

Xi Yuanping studied at Bayi Primary School in Beijing when he was a boy. During the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to Henan with his mother to attend middle school. He returned to Beijing at the age of 16 and worked as a worker in a machinery factory. In 1977, he was admitted to the Luoyang Foreign Languages Institute of the People’s Liberation Army. After graduation, he worked in the military, foreign trade system and government agencies. According to Hong Kong media reports, Xi Jinping’s younger brother Xi Yuanping immigrated to Hong Kong as early as 1997. Xi Yuanping is fatter and richer than when he was a child. He became rich through his nepotistic relationship with Xi Jinping. “Wearing expensive jewelry and customized clothing.”

Shanghai’s “Xinmin Evening News” organized the “Essay Contest on the 60th Anniversary of New China” in 2009. Xi Yuanping wrote an article “My Father, Xi Zhongxun”, mentioning that he and his mother visited his father in Guangdong in the late 1970s and visited Bao’an County (now Shenzhen City). At that time, I witnessed the flood of farmers fleeing from Hong Kong rushing towards the border defense line, and the border guards escorted batches of stowaways through the white salt-alkali land. “I felt at a loss: Why are we so different from Hong Kong, which is separated by a river? “

When Xi Zhongxun was in power in Guangdong, the reason why he did not prevent the Cantonese people from fleeing Hong Kong was to facilitate the arrangement for Qi Qiaoqiao and Xi Yuanping to obtain Hong Kong status.

Father: Xi Zhongxun, a native of Fuping, Shaanxi, is one of the eight elders of the Communist Party of China. He once served as Vice Premier of the State Council and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

Mother: Qi Xin is Xi Zhongxun’s second wife.

Brother: Xi Jinping, currently General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission

Sister-in-law: Peng Liyuan.

Eldest sister: Qi Qiaoqiao (original name: Xi Qiaoqiao), a Hong Kong native.

The second sister: Qi An’an (original name: Xi An’an), lives in Melbourne, Australia and is an Australian citizen.

Second brother-in-law: Wu Long lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is an Australian citizen. He is the actual owner of Beijing New Post and Shenzhen Datang Mobile Communications.

There are also three other half-brothers, Xi Zhengning (1941-1998.11.27), who were born to Xi Zhongxun and his ex-wife.

Xi Yuanping’s current wife is artist Zhang Lanlan.

Xi Yuanping and his ex-wife have a son, Xi Mingzheng.

Xi Jinping arranged deputy provincial treatment for Mao Yuanxin in order to arrange for Xi Ming to be Mao Yuanxin’s second in the future.

Shortly after Xi Jinping was transferred from Zhejiang to Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary in early 2007, he asked the Organization Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee if it knew about Mao Yuanxin’s current situation. Then he secretly met with his elder brother Yuanxin and encouraged him face to face to “forget the unpleasant memories of history” and “continue.” “Be of one heart and one mind with the Party.”

Soon, Mao Yuanxin, also known as Li Shi’s “organizational relationship”, was handed over from the factory where he retired to the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Veteran Cadres Bureau. Xi Jinping also personally instructed that Mao Yuanxin, a relative of the revolutionary martyr, and his family should be properly treated. He worked on “policy implementation”, improved his salary, and even repaid him the salary plus interest he had earned during the ten-year detention and review period, which was just short of restoring his party membership. After that, Mao Yuanxin began to enjoy deputy provincial and ministerial level medical treatment.

One of the reasons why Xi Jinping secretly met with Mao Yuanxin after he became the Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee was Mao Yuanxin’s “failed succession attempt” in 1976. Zhang Yufeng later revealed that Mao Yuanxin ranked first in the plan “drawn up during the chairman’s lifetime” Xi Jinping is very interested in the list of Standing Committee members. This list inspired Xi Jinping, who is preparing to train Xi Mingzheng to become Mao Yuanxin’s second.

Xi Mingzheng’s latest news

Xi Jinping’s eldest nephew, Xi Mingzheng, is married to the head of a descendant of Thailand’s wealthy Charoen Pokphand Group family. The company he controls, Sinopharm, is the biggest beneficiary of investment in China’s current vaccine industry. In other words, it is the biggest beneficiary of Xi Jinping’s comprehensive clearing policy. By.

China National Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its affiliates will acquire approximately 15% of Sinovac Zhongwei’s shares